Why Opti-Baby?


At Opti-Baby & Kids we create a place of wellbeing and joy – to bring parents like you the enormous comfort that comes with knowing your little one is cared for and thriving.

These are our philosophies and values that shape Opti-Baby & Kids experiences and set us apart from other day-care centres.

In our schools, you’ll find peaceful spaces for babies. Stimulating rooms for toddlers and pre-schoolers to play and learn in.  We have spacious gardens with safe, exciting equipment for little adventurers to enjoy.

There is a unique bond of love between our staff and children. Our caregivers and teachers love the children and the children love them. We choose our staff carefully, based on their qualifications, experience and personal qualities.

Your child’s happiness is our priority. We enjoy working closely with you every day to keep you updated on your child’s wellbeing and progress.

We have indoor and outdoor webcams so you can monitor your child at any time of day to see how they’re doing.

We believe children learn best through play. Professional educators exclusively create our developmentally appropriate material, bringing together best practices from various sources.  We regularly evaluate our teachers, who closely oversee all activities.  This way, we make sure your child is getting the full benefit of each play experience and is developing optimally.

To make sure that your child develops to their personal potential, we passionately believe in developing our staff into a caring, well-rounded and dedicated team. We know this is what sets us apart from other day-care centres.

We invest in the personal growth of all Opti-Baby & Kids caregivers and teachers. We’re committed to empowering them, by giving them the resources and information they need to feel confident in their roles, so they can make responsible decisions. We deliver training on early childhood development and First Aid – so they’re fully up to date on the standards of our excellent day-care practice. We also help them develop and realise their own personal education, career and relationship plans. Our teams attend regular meetings, training sessions and workshops.

The result? You’ll see it in their laughter, warmth and the way in which they comfort a crying child.

While we set a high standard by expecting all our staff to be informed, and to engage with your child with sensitivity in a way that supports their learning – we make sure our expectations are fair. We equip all staff with the understanding that all play opportunities, resources and interactions must be appropriate to your child’s level of competence and maturity.  Their focus on nurturing and joyful learning allows your child to flourish.