Transformation through thought!

By : Doné van Wyk – Facilitator, Motivational Speaker and Coach

By now you have tried every trick in the book and are even slightly irritated with all the apps, creative ideas and “brilliant activities for kids during lockdown” articles. All you need is an entire day in bed with absolutely no children to call you for juice, biscuits and bathroom routines. If you are reading this, you are the parent that is in dire need for a real break – not a long bath, not a good night’s sleep, a LOOONG break! I have caught myself craving solitude in lockdown – how ironic – a few times, especially after my latest major accomplishment the last few days: I almost managed
to complete my ‘pee-pee’ on my own the other day – the door cracked open at 80% through and the last 20% once again became a performance! I am a GREAT performer! I am sure that you can entertain us with your own performance stories by now, watching the clock being one! Every evening I think I am ready for the next day with new, exciting activities lined up,
but when I look at the watch when we have completed all of them, it is only 10:00! 9 hours to go before bedtime!
I am a real activist for, and deeply value optimism and seizing the moment, but my values are being tested! This last sentence caused me to pause and ask whether my values are truly my values if I struggle to execute on them? Or, do I require another strategy to ensure that I remain true to what I
fundamentally stand for? The impact of my attitude is being transferred to my children and this is unacceptable! I am the adult, I am the leader, I am a safe place! By saying this, I am not by any means implying that you are not allowed to feel irritated or tired, but what I am saying is, that we
have to strategize and implement new thinking so that our environment remains one that is conducive for safety and peace. We are where we are! Our current reality is one of In Time and we can either resent it or embrace it. Yes, the stressors are real, and our worries are justified, but let’s look at what we can control:
• We can control our support for our President – he has done a stellar job and I believe that he will continue to make wise and informed decisions.
• We can control our thoughts! If we meditate on the possibilities and eradicate negative thoughts, we prepare our mind for insights and we go into vision mode much easier! This is not a neuroscience lesson, but the more you can master your mind and let it be focussed on the things that can enhance your life, the more enhancement will happen. The brain has 6 primary characteristics and one of them is that the brain is a connection-making machine, it looks for familiar habits, thoughts and patterns and then it will hook on to that. We have the responsibility to give our brains uplifting and positive things to hook on to!
• We can control what we say! Our children hear what we say, and they pick up on that energy. Its is extremely easy to say negative things and to complain all the time, but it takes some guts to speak words of optimism and possibilities!
• We can control our aspirations and dreams – all is not doom and gloom! Now is the time to plan, prepare and dream about a brighter future, a brighter next moment! Set out intentions of prosperity and wellness. Do some proper goal setting as a family and start taking small actions towards those goals! Yes, you need a LOOONG break, so let us consider taking a break from negativity! Negativity is extremely energy-intensive and robs us from our capabilities! Complaining is like a veil that we put over our own eyes, it hinders us from seeing what is possible and beautiful! Our attitudes are contagious and what we carry in our hearts and minds becomes the reality for our entire family. If we are contagious with positivity and laughter, we will enhance our capacity to deal with the 9 hours
before bedtime! The lockdown will eventually come to an end and we will return to the rest of our lives, but our attitude and condition of our heart and minds will be permanently influenced by the way we think and feel now! Be very careful with what you carry in your hearts and minds, for it will determine your entire life!