Parents – Use it or lose it!

by: Doné van Wyk – Facilitator, Motivational Speaker and Coach

There has never been a moment in history riper for growth than this moment! Sound decision
making, solid values and uncharted foresight will allow us to thrive now, and post Covid-19.
An informed, keen and willing parent will be the intelligent parent during these trying, but wonderful
times. I am sure you are all aware of the rapid changes in education globally – this calls for all parents
and students alike to be extremely agile and resilient. We are seeing the tip of what our new norm
(to a great extent) will look like when it comes to:
• Easy absorption of information.
• Co-educating.
• Global standardisation in education, and
• Flipped classrooms – children teaching their peers.
The future is a moving landscape, not just because of Corona, but largely due to the 4th industrial
revolution and beyond.
Covid-19 is affording us the opportunity to do a proper audit of where we stand with regards to a
growth mindset and adaptability. As parents, we have the amazing fortune of 21 days to reconsider
and rethink how we parent and how we lead our entire household. I know we might feel
overwhelmed and uncertain as to what the day of tomorrow holds, but there are a few things we
can control, and this will bring about plenty of stability for our children. In return, you will feed the
vital need of being a good and loving parent.
Here is my thriving toolkit for the “time-in” period, but first – why “time-in”?
• Time-in indicates that we are inwardly focused.
• Time-in highlights the fact that we are simplifying our lives.
• Time-in shifts our focus to those in our homes.
• Time-in causes us to use the abundance of material things we have in our homes and be
thankful for them.
The long-awaited tips for quality time and activities:
Set an intention for the day with your entire family at the beginning of each day. For example –
“today we want to be kind to each other and do small but important acts for our fellow family members”.
Record what you enjoyed most about the day spent together at the end of each day. Use a
nice journal – your kids will love to read this when they are older.
Having said that – read at least 1 book per day – stories fuel children’s ability to think
creatively and innovatively.
Record yourself reading a book, use this for the evenings that you just need a break!
Teach your children your telephone numbers – in 21 days is more than enough time for
children 3 and above to learn this.
Let your children practise to write their names – make dots that they can follow on large
pieces of paper.
Have a set time to do gratitude exercises each day – a simple example is to ask each member
of the family to list 3 things they are grateful for. This will ensure positive energy in the house,
appose to moaning and groaning about Covid-19.
Give your children 2-3 responsibilities that they must complete each day, for example, make
your bed; clear the table; feed the pets; water the plants; wipe clean your shoes.

Let your kids be bored for at least 60min per day. During this time, they should try and
entertain themselves – don’t give them to many toys, the aim is for them to dream, fantasy
play, create new games and learn to play independently.
At regular intervals during the day, take time to breathe, especially when the going gets tough!
Sit up-right and breath together, 10 deep in’s and outs. Let the entire family close their eyes
and picture something serene or beautiful. This will calm the atmosphere and give all of you
the added benefits of good and proper breathing.
Tag-team with your partner or someone that can support you so that you have quality alone
time too! Take a power nap, read a few pages or listen to some instrumental music, you
deserve to rest!
The media is flooded with tips regarding fun activities – but here are some of my personal.
• Make character masks.
• Set up a scavenger hunt around the house.
• Bake or make something new in the kitchen every second day.
• Have a daily aerobics-for kids’ session (online options are available on YouTube).
• Write your own stories – use the members of your family as characters.
• Make your own play dough – there are many recipes on kids-YouTube.
• Let your children face-paint you – they love this best of all!
Dear parent, if all else fails, contact me and sign up for a professional coaching series! Here we will
create brilliance together.
Happy “convert-21” – you are the best parent your child could ever ask for.