Opti-Baby and Kids Morningside

Go and feed the nation:
In February 2020 Opti-Baby Morningside decided to start and grow a staff vegetable garden which doubled as a learning tool where the children could plant and experiment with various seeds and monitor growth as well as well as testing season readiness for germination of seeds and the growth of our plant(vegetables) they sowed spinach seeds, onion, potatoes and tomatoes. During our Lockdown we watered and cleaned the soil patiently waiting for growth, to date we have all eaten from our harvest. Our little patch is now a mini farm, we received donations from our GM Martine Schaffer of cabbage, beetroot, I added new potatoes, garlic, ginger, beans, strawberries, butternut, pumpkin and gem-squash. We used an old rusted jungle gym for our beans to grow up, each area is being potted with a new addition to our mini farm. Thank you to all families who contributed to our garden. Opti-Baby has expanded the project to all our schools, where we are growing vegetables to assist our staff with healthy food to take home. And teaching our children about sustainable food supplies.