Meet Ayanda Tetyana – Opti-Baby Brand Ambassador and Parenting Coach

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Growing up in a small town in the Eastern Cape called Mthatha, Ayanda Tetyana always had entrepreneurial dreams, inspired by her late grandfather who was a respected business man. His  amazing work ethics and discipline around money management were admirable.

“My interest in early childhood development came after I had my son. I remember so vividly the first day I held him in my arms; all I could think of was one day when I’m gone what would be the legacy that I leave for him and generations to come. I just saw so much potential in him and wanted to know how to help unleash that. If I must be honest, my life only really started then, I can’t remember much of anything else about my life before that point.”

Having discovered her passion for working with children and helping them realize their potential, Ayanda studied Early Childhood Development at Montessori Centre SA . Ayanda has continued her learning through the Reggio Emelia approach to early childhood education and is currently completing Everyday Parenting certificate with Yale university online . While running her company Tswelopele Kids Inc. Tswelopele Kids Inc is founded with a passion for empowering parents with coaching tools and support! 

Tswelopele Kids Inc is focused on ensuring that each child achieves their unlimited potential through a range of projects which they run. The objective of the company is to make parents conscious of the direct impact they have on their children. Tswelopele Kids directly addresses the challenging role that parents play by coaching them to positively mold the next generation’s problem solvers, out of the box thinkers and visionaries who will revolutionize industries. Ayanda believes that this starts at the youngest age in the home, with the day to day conversations that parents are having with their children.

”I truly believe that any parent despite family situation, financial backround or educational institution, can assist their children to become a person who has unlimited potential. We commit as an organization to support parents to do just that” 

Ayanda has gone through various entrepreneurial training programs to hone-in on her passion and on what the company stands from as far back as 2007 where she attended the Succeed Campaign as well as attending a Foundation and Advanced Course in Entrepreneurship from The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship.“Over the past five years, I had an exciting opportunity to explore the ideas and figure out what brings the most joy to me in the work I do day to day with parents and children. Currently she is pursuing a diploma in educational psychology 

Ayanda Tetyana has a feature on #CapsRadio Positive Parenting Conversations weekly. She is also a regular feature on Powerfm #PowerBreakfast hosted by Pabi Moloi. She has also founded Superhero Fathers initiative which is an initiative to support fathers to become involved in the academic support of their children.