Beautiful testimony from one of our Ruimsig parents

This is why our parents love Opti-Baby and Kids
I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful welcome all the kids have received this first week. We were very nervous about Hannah’s first week and by Friday she was waving us goodbye she was so excited to be at school and I have to thank Mathilda for that, she is coming home and babbling about Tilda every afternoon. I was so happy to see her put in the time and effort to help her with naps and the affection she gave her. The effort she put in to making her feel content and happy at school means a lot to us and why we are as attached to Opti as the only option for our kids. Hailey doesn’t even greet us when we drop her off she is so excited to hang out with her friends and teachers. Thank you for the wonderful and reassuring week you’ve given the little ones as well as the parents.