10 Commitments That Will Make You A Better Parent

Being a parent is tough… What does being a parent mean to you? How would you define your job as a parent?

Being a parent is a job unlike any other, with no specific job description and no job requirements.

Perhaps you’ve never really thought about your parenting approach, sometimes called your parenting style.  One way to think about parenting style is to consider two distinct constructs:

  1. The demands, expectations, limits and rules we set for our children and;
  2. Our responsiveness, warmth and understanding of them.

We at Opti-Baby & Kids believe, being a parent is creating a space for your children to grow into who they were meant to be. To be the best, most authentic versions of themselves.

Therefore we would love to share this article by Dr. Laura Markham – 10 Commitments That Till Make You A Better Parent.